Colorado and Washington are two states in the United States that have taken the first step and legalized marijuana in their state, and they have seen great results. From all the sales and tax that they have earned from the sale of marijuana, each of the states have seen hundreds of millions in additional tax revenue. Not only are they getting money from taxes but legalizing marijuana is creating new jobs and a new industry. There are many steps in the selling of marijuana since it has to be grown, processed, packaged, and sold. All of those steps are creating so many jobs for people which maybe can start to lower the unemployment rate. Finally keeping marijuana illegal is costing our government billions of dollars, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t being sold. When marijuana is sold illegally isn’t safe, it is unregulated and there might be other substances in it that are dangerous. It is also untaxed when it is sold illegally so the government is losing money on trying to stop a product from being sold that they could be profiting from. Those are some reasons that I believe that marijuana should be sold legally in the United States.