Today, college students struggle with the decision on whether or not they are going to drink, and if so, how much they are going to consume in order to be safe. Meanwhile, it seems the risk of danger happening from alcohol is much higher than that for marijuana. Although, alcohol is legal for individuals who are at the age of 21, there are still many people who abuse this and get out of control from what alcohol can do to them. The World Health Organization found that, “3.3 million deaths in 2012 were attributed to alcohol consumption. And recently, a comparative assessment published in Scientific Reports found alcohol to be 114 times more deadly than marijuana.” A study also proved that alcohol is, in fact, more addictive than marijuana leaving more harmful effects. Evidently, marijuana can act as an alternative for alcohol, and if used in moderation, can be much safer. Scientists believe that marijuana overdose is very unlikely, while each and everyday there are people who suffer from alcohol poisoning. Therefore, if marijuana is legalized it can potentially save those from alcohol related harmful effects.