I personally believe the use of marijuana should be legalized in every country in the United States. There are multiple reasons in which the use of marijuana can be deemed less harmful than that of the effects of alcohol and cigarettes. One of the main reasons is that marijuana can be used as a sleep aid. According to blogger David Downs of SFGate, there are certain strains of marijuana used to alleviate trouble sleeping and help with insomnia. In his article he quotes Karen I. Bolla for the Journal Sleep, saying, “One of the effects of THC administration is sedation,”. Cannabis can be used as a substitute for many of the prescribed sleep medications that tend to have harmful affects and side effects to them. Also, according to LeafScience, marijuana can lead to a deeper sleep. “Some of the more interesting effects of pot on sleep involve its impact on the sleep cycle. Studies show that THC can increase the amount of slow-wave sleep, also known as deep sleep, that an user experiences during their slumber.”