The debate about whether or not marijuana should be legal has been a prevalent topic in today’s society. Marijuana is currently legal in 4 states recreationally and legal in 24 states for medical use. Still with the rise of states legalizing marijuana either for recreational or medial use, there are many different viewpoints on if marijuana should be legalized.

In an article on called “5 Reasons Marijuana Should Remain Illegal” there are points raised about why marijuana should remain illegal.  They bring up how marijuana is very addictive and terrible for your mental and physical health. They say that marijuana destroys people’s lives and people will move from marijuana to heroine and meth. They believe that marijuana should absolutely remain illegal with no situation that anyone should ever be able to use it.

I disagree with the points the article brings up about marijuana. First of all… addictive? While I’m not saying Hawkins’ is entirely wrong that marijuana is an addictive drug, I do think there are many legal drugs out there that are far more addictive and are used everyday. I’ll leave you with some examples—smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, taking Xanax and the list goes on. All I’m saying is not a single person has ever died from marijuana overdose, but drugs that are legal in this world are killing people everyday. Now that doesn’t make sense. Many of the reasons that they bring up for why marijuana should be illegal have been debunked. For instance, they bring up that marijuana is terrible for your physical health but marijuana has been proven to be an excellent remedy for easing pain for people that are sick. Marijuana is legalized in 24 states for medical purposes and if it was terrible for your health this wouldn’t be the case.