To some, Marijuana is just a plant, but to others, marijuana helps soothe the pain away with those struggling. Aside from marijuana strongly helping the economy, marijuana has proven to be beneficial when it comes to reducing pain. It has become very popular as an alternative to medicine, because of the effects it has, taking away as much pain as possible. It is always hard to struggle with an illness, and not know how to make the pain go away. Legalizing marijuana would make life so much easier for those who really need it, but only time can tell what will end up happening. Many studies have been done for situations such as these. Researcher Mark Ware, MD states, “about 10% to 15% of patients attending a chronic pain clinic use cannabis as part of¬†their pain [control] strategy.” Ware did a study to experiment with pain and marijuana, and the results definitely proved this theory. Ware states “a typical example, Ware tells WebMD, is a patient who had knee surgery and during the course of the operation the surgeon may have had no choice but to cut a nerve, leading to chronic pain after the surgery.” Clearly, this was a very painful operation, with one thing in mind to help ease the pain. Ware states, “after each of the five-day trials, participants rated their pain on a scale of zero to 10, with 10 being the worst.The highest dose, 9.4%, provided relief. They reduced their pain down to 5.4,” Those on placebo were at 6.1.” Just three puffs a day can have these strong effects, and patients who struggle are extremely lucky to have this. Evidently, marijuana strongly helped this patient get his pain down, which is why it should be legalized in order to help those struggling. Some may look at Marijuana as harmful, but in cases like this it’s something we as individuals really need.