hillaryclintonlegalizemarijuana-700x336-1Each candidate has made their policies and plans very well known amongst the public, but one thing that isn’t as publicized is the candidates views on legalizing marijuana. So what are those views?  We took the time to find out.

Hillary Clinton- Clinton is the former secretary of state and the Democratic nominee for the 2016 Presidential election. Hillary has said in multiple interviews that she does not oppose the movement towards legalization, not only for medical use but also recreational. She supports researchers who want to find out more about the medical benefits that marijuana yields. Currently, she does not believe that enough research has been done thus far, but thinks that when researching further into the topic it is important to let states such as Washington and Colarado lead the way. Depending on what the research results show, she could be the one to legalize it.

So if Hillary wins today’s election, we have reason to expect that a lot more research about marijuana will be conducted. She will not condone legalization right away, however we will hopefully be one step closer to having possession of both medical and recreational marijuana accepted across the United States.