According to an article from CNBC, “legalizing marijuana would not be worth the costs.” However, we have discovered that this is actually contradictory to the information we have corroborating the legalization of weed. The concept of legalizing marijuana may lead to a possible decrease in the amount of money spent on incarceration due the drop in people arrested for possession of illegal substance. According to an article from, “There is certainly a financial and human cost to keeping marijuana illegal and we can see it in our prisons.” 50 percent of the country believes that weed should be legalized, which doesn’t discredit the other half of the nation that doesn’t believe it should be legalized. prison for marijuana-related crimes.An article on Creating Loafing states, “According to the website BlueNC, noted UNC-Chapel Hill economist Art Benavie, author of Drugs: America’s Holy War, estimates that the U.S. is wasting more than $70 billion per year by prosecuting the disastrous “war on drugs.”. Among sentenced prisoners under state jurisdiction in 2008, 18% were sentenced for drug offenses.” So although it may be deemed as the reason for a majority of arrests, it turns out the amount of arrests for use and possession of marijuana is prevalent. To go off of that the article also mentions that “..federal data shows that the vast majority (99.8%) of federal prisoners sentenced for drug offenses were incarcerated for drug trafficking.” So overall, in opposition to the article from CNBC, legalizing marijuana would definitely decrease the amount of federal prison spending.