Marijuana can be looked at as the dried leaves from a plant, but what’s really inside? Many people are in favor of marijuana, while there are also many that are not. When it comes to marijuana, what chemicals are you really smoking? According to, “What Chemicals Are in Marijuana and Its Byproducts,” the chemistry of Cannabis is quite complex, and the isolation and extraction of the active ingredient are difficult even today.” There are many individuals out there today who don’t exactly realize what they are truly smoking, they just understand the effects it has on those who smoke it. The article also states, “there are over 400 chemicals in marijuana, but only 61 of them are unique to the Cannabis plant—these are called cannabinoids.” Aside from actually smoking the marijuana, ingesting edibles also leaves us confused as to what is exactly inside this marijuana filled gummy bear, chocolate bar, etc.  According to the Newyorker, “Nobody seems able to answer those basic questions.” What do we know when we ingest an edible or physically smoke marijuana? How do we know if what we are smoking is safe? When it comes to smoking and legalizing marijuana, it is crucial to know what exactly it is that we are smoking, in order to know how to be safe with it.