So, to wrap this all up: our blog did more than we thought it could. Now, seven states have legalized Marijuana. As business insider states, “America is seeing green after a historic day for the legal marijuana industry.” We too believe that America is changing for the better, and the legalization of marijuana is helping in countless ways. Whether it’s benefiting our economy, decreasing anxiety, reducing/stopping the spread of cancer, easing pain, or increasing jobs, the legalization of marijuana evidently has a positive impact. With states beginning to legalize marijuana, these effects will soon go into play, and we are eager to see the positive change that will take place.

Throughout our blog, we shared reasons as to why our economy would benefit from the legalization and we came to the consensus of this: legalizing weed would create jobs, decrease crime rates and lead to increased tax revenue. Essentially, this up and coming industry has the ability to bring in substantial financial benefits to our country…so isn’t that a good thing? Our blog raised points relating to health benefits and throughout our research can only conclude that marijuana use creates more help than harm when it comes to treating these mental and physical health issues. So once again…isn’t that a good thing?

Legalizing marijuana would have a vast beneficial variety of outcomes, and our country is moving in the right direction toward the world where all states may make the helpful decision to legalize weed for both medical and recreational purposes. Our blog gives multiple examples of the positive impact the legalization of marijuana would have in various areas across the board. In terms of the economy, the rates of money spent on prisoners charged for illegal marijuana possession would dramatically decrease, as it expensive to hold people in jail for a crime that many states demean, and deem should be legal. There is evidence from the Tax  Foundation that the federal, state and local government could save up to $28 billion in tax revenue if marijuana is legalized nationwide. This amount of money could be highly beneficial to the United States. Additionally, the states that have already legalized marijuana such as Colorado and Washington have seen immense progress. Overall, we believe there are many arguments to bolster the concept that marijuana should be made legal and we are hoping our blog helped to persuade people to agree. Our goal was to point out the benefits of legalizing marijuana and we hope we were able to do so.