Are dabs the new fad or the new way to overdose on THC? Dabs also known as BHO (butane extracted oil) is a process in which weed is taken and soaked in either butane or propane causing the THC content to skyrocket. According to Leafscience.com, “some extracts can contain as much as 70-90% THC, so dabs can be a very effective way for medical marijuana users to quickly get the amount of medicine they need.”The lack of regulation has sent many people in legalized states to the emergency room. The lack of research towards this type of getting “high” is extremely dangerous. There has not been a single connection between marijuana and the hospital as opposed to dabs where you can easily overdose causing seizures, panic attacks, and extreme paranoia. While I do support the legalization of marijuana, I believe there needs to be more time and effort spent on looking into the different ways of “getting high” to make the world a safer place with new drugs being legalized.