The legalization of marijuana has had greater effect in the states and their job creation than initially expected. Yes, weed is getting people high. Yes, weed is having a positive effect on growing the states economy. And yes, weed is increasing the tax base. This not only creates jobs, but has provided significant tax income in the states that have legalized it; which has had a positive effect of the states infrastructure including schools. According to an article by Christina Sarich on the Natural Society, “The marijuana industry only makes up 0.4 percent of Colorado’s 2.6 million jobs; all of the positions did not exist a year ago.” Even with the most conservative growth projections, this new industry has the ability to provide substantial job growth in an industry that didn’t occur just a few years ago. Since only 7 of the states in the US right now have legalized marijuana, even with a small fraction of the additional states in the US legalizing it you can see how this compounds the economic and employment benefits of the states. In addition, according to The Marijuana Policy Project, we currently spend 7.7 billion dollars in the enforcement of marijuana laws; which obviously 7 states have lifted. Therefore, if marijuana is legalized nationally then all of these funds can be utilized towards other enforcement programs to make our country a safer place.