The "High's" of Legalizing Marijuana



What Does the Trump Administration Mean for the Legalization of Marijuana?



As Trump was elected to be the United States next president, many people are wondering what that means for the future of the legalization of marijuana. On election night, there were 9 different states that had legalization of marijuana on their ballot. 4 states had to choose if they wanted to legalize medical marijuana and 5 states had to choose if they wanted to legalize recreational marijuana. The results of the ballots included recreational legalization approved in California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine. Trump has stated in the past that he has been in support of the legalization of marijuana but that might change when he steps into the White House. He may start to face pressure from the more conservative republicans that he will be working with including his Vice President, Mike Pence. Only time will tell of what is going to happen with the legalization of marijuana during the Trump administration.


Donald Trump’s View on Marijuana


Donald Trump is the Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential election and as of November 8th, the new elected President. So what does our next President of the United States think about legalizing marijuana?

In recent interviews, Trump has stated that “I support legal access to medical marijuana, and believe states should be able to set their own marijuana policies with regard to adult use.” In other words, Trump is more in support of legalizing medical marijuana however is not in favor of a nation wide legalization policy. So what we can expect to see in the near future is maybe a more lenient policy on using marijuana for medical purposes. He believes that allowing recreational use is a state-by-state issue, and will let those states decide for themselves if they want to make possession legal.


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